Mantrailing is searching for a person by letting the dog smell an object of the person in question. The dog works on a rig and a line of 10 meters together with the handler. This limited workspace ensures that the cooperation between the handler and his dog is very close. Small signals from the dog must be interpreted correctly by the handler without any influence or steering. The dog can be used both in the forest and in the inhabited environment. That makes the use of these dogs very interesting when used quickly enough.

Mantrailing is both mentally and physically a tough part of the different search disciplines for both parties. Before OZH uses a Mantrailing dog, the team must have achieved level III at GAK9. The search with a mantrail dog also has its limitations. Although it is often said that smells can last for months, we believe that this is not possible. Based on scientific research, nothing really has been established that this is possible. It is therefore of great importance to use a mantrail dog as quickly as possible in case of a missing person.