Oger SARdogs offers families, friends and relatives the opportunity to be reunited with their loved ones in the most difficult circumstances.

In order to be able to achieve this, Oger SARdogs trains dogs and their handlers to search for missing people, both living and deceased, in all kinds of situations. 

The name of the foundation is derived from the Malinois Oger, who passionately participated in many searches until old age.
Oger possessed perseverance, flexibility, social skills, work drive, work ethic, preydrive, team spirit, good physical condition, focus and stamina. Any dog ​​can use these qualities and the dog handler would also do well to internalize these qualities if they do not already have them.

To achieve the quickest results, we always work in close cooperation with various organizations and services in order to find and recover loved ones.

Oger SARdogs does not allow itself to be influenced by political affiliations and works both nationally and internationally without personal profit for the benefit of the public society.

An additional goal of Oger SARdogs concerns our training methods. It is our aim that these remain open and transparent, and that they are offered to other dog handlers with the purpose of sharing with each other all knowledge and experience gathered.

The members of Oger SARdogs are all volunteers and are funded by sponsors and donations. Our volunteers are actively engaged on a daily basis with the upbringing and care of their own dogs.

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