September 23, 2017 was the day. The Oger SARdog boat was ready. We waited for almost a year, but there it was. November 17, 2016 we had our first appointment with Aluminumjon from De Kwakel about the construction. It would be a 5 meter long boat (jon518) with a height adjustment. The front deck for the dog had to be spacious and you had to be able to sit with at least 3 people and a dog.

The boat was completely bald and we went to work to make anti-slip mats on it and to make the logo in the Oger SAR Dogs stick to it. We also made extra search lighting on it.

There is now a number of times trained with the boat especially for the dogs to gain experience on the boat. At the start of 2018 we want to start with 4 dogs to prepare for the search on the water. He is now on private land and in 2018 the boat will have a permanent storage facility, where we can pick it up day and night.