The foundation got its name  Oger SARdogs from Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois) Oger, who reached the age of 1. He as more than earned his spurs in the work. He has contributed in many call-outs, always with full passion and 200% commitment.

We came up with the name Oger for the foundation because Oger actually meets all the requirements that a dog can have to be trained to an excellent dog.

Oger himself owed his name to a moment when the founder of the foundation was called ‘an Ogre’ by someone. Because the first reaction was that it seemed like a nice name for a dog, so it happened. Oger himself possessed perseverance, flexibility, social skills, working urge, work ethic, passion, team spirit, good physical condition, focus, endurance. These qualities can be used by any dog, and the dog handler is also well advised to master these qualities if they do not already possess them. All in all the whole package on 4 legs: “Simply the Best”!

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