The alarm phone rang on Tuesday, July 24th, around 1:00 PM. Because of the possible upscaling of the search for an Italian girl, the question was how many search teams Oger SARdogs could supply. The initiative for possible upscaling came from the RHWW that was already on site. They have approached the Cooperating Rescue Dog Organizations in the Netherlands. Oger SARdogs could provide 6 people and 4 dogs within just over an hour. In anticipation of further messages they have been stand-by for about 2 hours. All arranged for leave with their employers, etc.

In the end, the Italian authorities decided not to deploy additional search dog teams anymore. This notification of the RHWW reached us via the RHGD. This meant that the scale-up was no longer an issue. Oger SARdogs has shown to be able to realize a complete search team for a foreign deployment in a short time. Thanks to the RHWW and RHGD for communication. We wish the RHWW a safe and successful further search and wish them a safe home journey.