After two and a half years of training, hard work and puzzling, with all the guidance, tips and creative ideas of the coaches Martine and Roeland, thanks to all fellow Ogers who think along with each other and the indispensable victims, it is so far …. Homme is now officially available at Oger Search Dogs. He meets the high demands that OZH places on the dogs to be able to reliably compete in a domestic and foreign operation. He searches for missing persons, both living and deceased. He is the first dog at Oger Sardogs who has learned to contribute to a deceased person.
Big thanks to Martine for all her patience and solutions with detection with this as great result.
Super proud of Homme !!!! But at least as proud of OZH that we have achieved this together. Again a deployable dog.

Ellen Westenberg

Stichting OgerZoekhonden congratulates Ellen with this fantastic result with her Beauçeron male Homme.