October 14, 2018 at 12:05 pm we were asked by the Reddingshonden Groep Drenthe to assist in a search for a demented woman of 81 who had left Friday evening by bike from her house in Assen.

Since the woman was observed for the last time in Norg on Saturday afternoon, the search was started in consultation with the police. Given the size of the search area, the search was immediately scaled up to the northern SRO groups. A helicopter was also used.

Together with Rescue dogs Group Drenthe, RWO and RH Nu we have been able to search a large forest area. At the end of the afternoon the news came that Ms. in good health, but very tired, had been found by a passerby a few miles northeast of the search area.

In total, 10 dogs and 21 people were involved in the search from the SRO.

Oger Search Dogs participated with 2 dogs and 8 people in the search.