Super proud is Oger Search Dogs on Martine Dietz and Ravel with obtaining their Level 3. Congratulations !!!

Level 3 Certification! Congratulations to Martine Dietz and K9 Ravel for this great Level 3 Cert! This is only the 11th level 3 in the history of our program. That says a lot. Special thanks to GAK9 Military Trainer Glenn-David Poole for preparing the team as well as GAK9 Police Trainer Re Becca for an expert trail.

Name of Handler: Martine Dietz
Name of K-9: Ravel
Date of Test: 18 October 2018
Location: Sandhausen, Germany
Time to Complete: 37:00
Distance: 790
Age of Trail: 2:06
Name of Trail Layer: Glenn-David Poole
Trainer: Martine Dietz
GAK9 Examiner: Rebecca Dudas
Trail Runner Map Color: Red
K9 Map Color: Blue