On 14 November 2018 we were asked by the Dutch Rescue Dogs (via OPCO police) to assist on 15 November in a search for a 77-year-old demented woman with whom the last contact was by telephone on 13 November at 9:30.
Then she left on the bike and disappeared from the radar.

On the basis of a very reliable sight report, a large part was searched along a canal and a forest area with a water feature.
The police’s assignment for the dog teams was to search along (bicycle) paths in the first instance.
This because there were no concrete indications.

At 3.41 a.m. came the message that Ms. was right. She turned out to be in hospital in Meppen, Germany. She was found almost supercooled in a forest in Germany. She is doing well again.

Oger Search Dogs participated with 2 dogs and 2 people in this search.