A long search has reached an end today.

We decided to perform another search together with a couple of Dutch Search and Rescue dog teams (SRO). In total, 30 dogs searched for the missing man today.

On Monday, July 27th, a 77 year-old man went missing from Heverlee, Belgium. On Tuesday, July 28th, several Belgian Search and Rescue dog teams (Search & Rescue Dogs De Roedel, Vlaamse Reddingshonden, Dogs On Search en Reddingshonden SAR-K9.be) performed a first large-scale search along with relatives, volunteers and the Belgian police. These dogs have found the man. We are relieved to have been able to contribute to ending the weeks of uncertainty for relatives and friends.

We would explicitly like to thank the Missing Persons team  of the Leuven Police and Alain Remue for this cooperation.




Oger SARdogs has participated with 7 team members and 5 dogs.

Oger SARdogs wishes the family much strength to cope with this great loss. 




https://www.vrt.be/vrtnws/nl/2020/08/15/lichaam-van-77-jarige-man-die-verdween-uit-woonzorgcentrum-gevon/?fbclid=IwAR2TNFhDqNG04YJGoD_Tm0sr6zwfU5VHWBcFQYvbYjNzfxDReAt2kV1xMbY (in Dutch)