Update: on June 27th we received the sad message that the lady, unfortunately deceased, has been found. We wish the relatives a lot of strength in coping with this loss.

On Saturday, June 26th, RHGD Reddingshonden, together with our colleagues from Oger SARDogs and RWO, searched for a missing woman in Assen since June 25. This at the request of the family and in consultation with the Assen police.

Thanks to the short lines within the Cooperating Rescue Dogs Organizations (SRO), we can quickly deploy many handlers and dogs.
Unfortunately, the lady has not been found yet. If new clues emerge, we are ready to resume the search.
We thank the Assen police for the trust and cooperation and wish the family and loved ones a lot of strength in this uncertain time.
Oger SARdogs participated in the search with 4 people and 3 dogs.