It was a weekend of line-ups without detection boxes, which appealed to us (Ellen with Elek and Roeland with Aydinn).
Also considering the fact that we will soon start again with the newcomers to learn how to refer material (death smell). The seminar was given by Canine NOSE Minke van den Bergh and Marjoleine van Doorn. They have gained a lot of experience in practice (searching for stowaways in the port) and at the SWDI (Scandinavian Working Dog Institute) in Sweden. Many aspects were discussed such as effective training, progression plan, systematic search, setting goals and sub-goals.
Most people are probably familiar with the line-up with the detection boxes. That the dog systematically visits the boxes until it finds the box with the recognizable smell and then, for example, sits down or whatever reference has been learned. Well, this is actually exactly the same, only no boxes are used, but for example a wall / floor / car / woodpile / lockers, the whole world is a line-up in this way.
It was a fun, relaxed and educational weekend with many old acquaintances, which makes it extra fun.