The intensive efforts of the past few days have sadly come to an end.

Sanne and Hebe have been found, but we had hoped so much for a different outcome.


We, as organizations involved, thank the police for their enormous efforts and wish the family and friends a lot of strength with the loss of dear Sanne and Hebe.

On behalf of all volunteers,
Coordination platform for missing persons
SRO Cooperating Rescue Dogs Organization
Veterans Search Team

The SRO (Cooperating Reddingshonden Organisatie) searched on Wednesday 19 October with a total of 44 dogs and 62 people in the vicinity of the Loonse and Drunense dunes.

For larger deployments, we work under the flag of SRO. These are 13 different rescue dog groups. See also:
During this deployment, there was excellent cooperation with RHWW, Delta, Sirius, RHGD, Ogersardogs (OSD), RHN and RHT-NH.

Oger Sardogs participated with 9 people and 7 dogs