On March 26th,  The SRO (Cooperating Rescue Dog Organizations) has searched with a total number of 27 dogs and 34 handlers and volunteers in the surroundings of the Westerpark in Amsterdam. The search was conducted on both ground as well as in the water.
Oger SARdogs was present with 7 volunteers and 4 dogs.
A woman aged 24 was mising since March 19th.
There was efficient cooperation between the search groups RHWW, RHT-NH, Oger SARdogs (OSD), Delta, Reddingshonden Team Zeeland, the Amsterdam police department and LTOZ.
Initially, the request for the search cam in with RHWW but because of the large number of search-areas they decided to scale-up.

Multiple dogs gave a clear reference on the same spot in the water. It was decided to alarm the police who then found the body of Silvia after which the park was partially secured.

The SRO wishes all family and relatives lots of strenght in dealing with this loss.

HRD training with Aydinn, Homme and Elek

On December 29th, we received a very generous donation of the Plantinga family. They are relatives of Rients Plantinga to whom we have been searching in October 2020.

For us it’s very special to receive a donation from immediate relatives of a missing person.

For Oger SARdogs it is obvious to help in missing persons cases. To receive appreciation for this in this way to us is very exceptional and impressive.

We depend on donations to facilitate our searches. We are always very grateful for these but this very personal donations means a lot to us.

In consultation with the relatives we agreed to make this heartwarming gesture known.






On Thursday September 10th Oger SARdogs has searched for a 67 year-old man who went missing on September 7th. This search was on request of the family in collaboration with the Groningen police. The man did not appear on the funeral of his partner after which an alert was issued.





At the end of the afternoon the man was found and brought to hospital for medical care.

The search took place in the city of Groningen within a radius of 1 to 3 kilometres of his home along water and bushes.

Oger SARdogs was present with 4 persons and 6 dogs.

We wish the family lots of strenght.

A long search has reached an end today.

We decided to perform another search together with a couple of Dutch Search and Rescue dog teams (SRO). In total, 30 dogs searched for the missing man today.

On Monday, July 27th, a 77 year-old man went missing from Heverlee, Belgium. On Tuesday, July 28th, several Belgian Search and Rescue dog teams (Search & Rescue Dogs De Roedel, Vlaamse Reddingshonden, Dogs On Search en Reddingshonden SAR-K9.be) performed a first large-scale search along with relatives, volunteers and the Belgian police. These dogs have found the man. We are relieved to have been able to contribute to ending the weeks of uncertainty for relatives and friends.

We would explicitly like to thank the Missing Persons team  of the Leuven Police and Alain Remue for this cooperation.




Oger SARdogs has participated with 7 team members and 5 dogs.

Oger SARdogs wishes the family much strength to cope with this great loss. 




https://www.vrt.be/vrtnws/nl/2020/08/15/lichaam-van-77-jarige-man-die-verdween-uit-woonzorgcentrum-gevon/?fbclid=IwAR2TNFhDqNG04YJGoD_Tm0sr6zwfU5VHWBcFQYvbYjNzfxDReAt2kV1xMbY (in Dutch)

Roeland and Lucca kicked-off the SRO tests for 2020.

In half an hour, a 20-acre plot was searched by this team. An unknow number of helpers made this a realtime excersise. Highly motivated, independent and quickly Lucca found the so-called missing students and their lecturer and pointed Roeland to them with consistent barking.

Secondly, Ellen and Homme had their turn.

Homme was appointed a 12-acre plot and also an unknown number of helpers not known to him. Homme found them quickly and pointed Ellen to the victims by means of his Norse bringsel.

Many thanks to the ladies acting as victims during the excersises.

On Thursday January 2nd 2020, Oger SARdogs searched at request of the Hoogezand Police and SAR Friesland for a man who was missing since January 1st 2020.

The man left by foot that morning and nothing has been heard from him since.

The search was aimed at a few fragmented areas in Hoogezand that had not yet been searched.

Oger SARdogs participated in the search with 6 dogs and 6 people.





#OgerSARdogs is very gratefule for the donation we have received  of Stichting het Ankerfonds.

Thanks to donations we are able to continue our work and search for missing persons on land as well as in the water.




We are dependent on donations for the good work we are allowed to perform.

Some donators can be mentioned, others wish to remain anonymous which of course, we respect.

We are very grateful for the donation we’ve received.

On Saturday October 19th 2019 we went to Oranjewoud on request of the Heerenveen Police and SAR Friesland to search for a 58 year-old man with an intellectual disability who went missing since October 18th. Shortly after we arrived we received word that the man had been found close to the area we were going to search, lying on a park bench. The man is doing well given the circumstances.

Oger SARdogs was present with 6 team members and 5 dogs.

On Saturday, October 12th 2019, a large call-out exercise of the Cooperating Search And Rescuedog organizations (SRO) took place. Around the village, 1.390 acres was available for area searching and 450 acres for mantrailing.

Together, 140 men and women and 66 dogs have made it into a very succesful day.

Many thanks to the helpers (exercise victims) and the first aid team and we are very grateful for making the location available for this exercise.

With an exceptional contribution from the aforementioned fund, Oger SARdogs can further shape its mission “search for missing persons”. We are very grateful to the board and those involved with the fund for its support. Since we can only carry out our efforts thanks to support from society, we are obviously very pleased with this generous support from the fund, which benefits our efforts in the search for missing persons. For more information about the fund please see https://www.aanmoedigingsfonds.nl


On Saturday September 14th, Oger SARdogs conducted in a search for Loes de Groot-Veenendaal once more, who has been missing for a year. This search was performed in close cooperation with the police and at the request of the family and SAR Friesland.
Unfortunately without result.

Oger SARdogs was present with 6 team members and 5 dogs.

Please also read the article on the site of local newspaper Tubantia.nl



Thanks to a sponsor who wishes to remain anonymous and due to a large discount by Nautas Boatshop we have been able to purchase this fantastic sonar equipment for our boat. With the Humminbird Helix 12 sonar system which is able to scan the water underneath the boat we can get a good image on what’s happening beneath the surface.

We’d also like to thank the constructor that produced the mount that enables us to use the sonar system in many ways.








Oger SARdogs is very pleased and very grateful that we have received a fantastic donation of the ‘Dr. C.J. Vaillantfonds – Goede Doelen Fonds van de LVC’.

Thanks to this great support, Oger SARdogs can make an enormous step in training our search dogs, the interior of the communication car and our call-outs.

On Thursday July 11th Oger SARdogs received a wonderful donation from Klantenservice Marktpartijen (Customer Service Market Parties) of Enexis Netbeheer (Enexis Gridmanagement) and we’ve given a fun demonstration. 

With this donation we’ve enlarged our possibility of purchasing a Controlpost-trailer amongst others. 

Please find below a small impression of the demonstration.


We were asked by the RHGD to stand by for a search for a 81 year-old man from Veendam who went missing the day before. The police were searching by helicopter at that time.

Around 12:30 PM we received a message that the man had been found and that he was doing well given the circumstances.

At Oger SARdogs, 4 dogs and 3 team members were on stand-by.

Farewell dear Oger, great worker.
We’ve enjoyed your presence and learned a lot from you.
You continue to live in the name of our foundation.
Oger, “simply the best”
Our sympathy goes out to Martine.