On Saturday, October 12th 2019, a large call-out exercise of the Cooperating Search And Rescuedog organizations (SRO) took place. Around the village, 1.390 acres was available for area searching and 450 acres for mantrailing.

Together, 140 men and women and 66 dogs have made it into a very succesful day.

Many thanks to the helpers (exercise victims) and the first aid team and we are very grateful for making the location available for this exercise.

With an exceptional contribution from the aforementioned fund, Oger SARdogs can further shape its mission “search for missing persons”. We are very grateful to the board and those involved with the fund for its support. Since we can only carry out our efforts thanks to support from society, we are obviously very pleased with this generous support from the fund, which benefits our efforts in the search for missing persons. For more information about the fund please see https://www.aanmoedigingsfonds.nl


Oger SARdogs is very pleased and very grateful that we have received a fantastic donation of the ‘Dr. C.J. Vaillantfonds – Goede Doelen Fonds van de LVC’.

Thanks to this great support, Oger SARdogs can make an enormous step in training our search dogs, the interior of the communication car and our call-outs.

On Thursday July 11th Oger SARdogs received a wonderful donation from Klantenservice Marktpartijen (Customer Service Market Parties) of Enexis Netbeheer (Enexis Gridmanagement) and we’ve given a fun demonstration. 

With this donation we’ve enlarged our possibility of purchasing a Controlpost-trailer amongst others. 

Please find below a small impression of the demonstration.


Check this page for all call-outs

Oger SAR Dogs is by the Dutch taxes service knowledged as ‘Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling’, ANBI. By these ANBI-state donaters can claim their gifts by the taxe serverice. And for Oger SAR Dogs it meand that they don’t have to pay taxis when they receive money, so you know everything is receives Oger SAR Dogs.

Seven days a week we are accessible by our alarmnumber:
+31 (0) 622 689 140

Oger SARdogs offers families, friends and relatives the opportunity to be reunited with their loved ones in the most difficult circumstances.

In order to be able to achieve this, Oger SARdogs trains dogs and their handlers to search for missing people, both living and deceased, in all kinds of situations. 

The name of the foundation is derived from the Malinois Oger, who passionately participated in many searches until old age.
Oger possessed perseverance, flexibility, social skills, work drive, work ethic, preydrive, team spirit, good physical condition, focus and stamina. Any dog ​​can use these qualities and the dog handler would also do well to internalize these qualities if they do not already have them.

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