Farewell dear Oger, great worker.
We’ve enjoyed your presence and learned a lot from you.
You continue to live in the name of our foundation.
Oger, “simply the best”
Our sympathy goes out to Martine.

Super proud is Oger Search Dogs on Martine Dietz and Ravel with obtaining their Level 3. Congratulations !!!

Level 3 Certification! Congratulations to Martine Dietz and K9 Ravel for this great Level 3 Cert! This is only the 11th level 3 in the history of our program. That says a lot. Special thanks to GAK9 Military Trainer Glenn-David Poole for preparing the team as well as GAK9 Police Trainer Re Becca for an expert trail.

Name of Handler: Martine Dietz
Name of K-9: Ravel
Date of Test: 18 October 2018
Location: Sandhausen, Germany
Time to Complete: 37:00
Distance: 790
Age of Trail: 2:06
Name of Trail Layer: Glenn-David Poole
Trainer: Martine Dietz
GAK9 Examiner: Rebecca Dudas
Trail Runner Map Color: Red
K9 Map Color: Blue