Communication car

With our efforts in the search for missing persons, a communication car is of great importance to Oger SARdogs! This car, a so-called Central Post (CP), offers us the space to be able to better coordinate and communicate during the deployment.

With a communication car we can:

To pay for the communication car, we need your support and contribution, do you help us in this search?



If you want you can download files here that provide further information about the foundation. For more information you can always e-mail:

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Beleidsplan 2020/2021

With your help!

  • Thanks to a sponsor who wishes to remain anonymous and due to a large discount by Nautas Boatshop we have been able to purchase this fantastic sonar equipment for our boat. With the Humminbird Helix 12 sonar system which is able to scan the water underneath the boat we can get
  • Thanks to a donation from an anonymous giver we have now been able to purchase this boat.
  • Thanks to your donations, we have now been able to purchase the life jackets.


Oger SARdogs is by the Dutch taxes service knowledged as ‘Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling’, ANBI. By these ANBI-state donaters can claim their gifts by the taxe serverice. And for Oger SARdogs it meand that they don’t have to pay taxis when they receive money, so you know everything is receives Oger SARdogs.

Official name: Stichting Oger SARdogs
Chamber of Commerce nr: 73046906
RSIN: 859333000