The motivation for me to do this voluntary work together with my dog Izar ? First and foremost to offer a helping hand (and paw) to people that have been affected by anything that makes them vulnerable, in the broadest sense.
To offer support together with the Oger SARdogs team gives me a warm feeling inside.

The best thing about this work is that the Oger-dogs can do what they are made for: use their extraordinary sense of smell to search for missing persons. 

Team Oger SARdogs is strongly committed to cooperation, motivation and quality in searching, which makes that our coaches and team-members remain focused. It is a privilege to me and my dog to be part of this team.

Trust and professionalism to me are the binding factors. With Izar, my male Malinois, I train rubble-search and mantrailing.

We really do this work together; we take care of each other and another’s dogs. Therefore,  a responsibility rests with every team member, also (or maybe even more so) with the people that do not work with a dog themselves but are strongly committed to our foundation.

Oger SARdogs is an extension to my (dog-)family! We often hear that the atmosphere in our group is very relaxed and op

I consider that a huge compliment