Working with your dog, a passion, my life.

To me it’s beautiful to use this passion and use the most sensitive organ of the dog to search for a missing person: its nose.
Therefore, it is truly a big dream come true for me and an honor to be part of the Oger family.

My first dog was a Dobermann. A total of 4 Dobermanns and a crossbreed Dobermann / Stafford followed. With them I have gained a lot of experience in learning to work together and train in different areas. Obedience, tracking and bitework from the IPO.
Then my German Shepherd “Eros” followed, a real challenging dog. He has taught me so much about training, behavior and dog language.

In the beginning of 2016 I “came home” after the avalanche training in Austria and I feel completely at home at Oger SARdogs. I am now training with my Beaucerons Homme and his daughter Elek. Both are trained for area search and rubble search.

At Oger SARdogs, a lot of emphasis is put at training reliabe, independently working and highly motivated dogs.

My other experiences with animals are as a veterinary surgeon, animal caretaker in animal shelter Utrecht and Amersfoort, cynological instructor and behavioral therapist and teacher of Dog and Cat behavior and health in Barneveld.

A day without Homme & Elek is a day wasted …