Working with your dog, a passion, my life.

To me it’s beautiful to use this passion and use the most sensitive organ of the dog to search for a missing person: its nose.
Therefore, it is truly a big dream come true for me and an honor to be part of the Oger family.

My first dog was a Dobermann. A total of 4 Dobermanns and a crossbreed Dobermann / Stafford followed. With them I have gained a lot of experience in learning to work together and train in different areas. Obedience, tracking and bitework from the IPO.
Then my German Shepherd “Eros” followed, a real challenging dog. He has taught me so much about training, behavior and dog language.

In the beginning of 2016 I “came home” after the avalanche training in Austria and I feel completely at home at Oger SARdogs. I am now training with my Beaucerons Homme and his daughter Elek. Both are trained for area search and rubble search.

At Oger SARdogs, a lot of emphasis is put at training reliabe, independently working and highly motivated dogs.

My other experiences with animals are as a veterinary surgeon, animal caretaker in animal shelter Utrecht and Amersfoort, cynological instructor and behavioral therapist and teacher of Dog and Cat behavior and health in Barneveld.

A day without Homme & Elek is a day wasted …


Met trots presenteren we de nieuwe naam

Oger SARdogs

Bij de contacten met het buitenland hebben we gemerkt dat de naam Oger Zoekhonden te weinig zegt. Search And Rescue (SAR) is een algemeen begrip, zowel nationaal als internationaal.