My name is Lars Kruithof and I own a Malinois bitch Kyna, born in 2015.
Before I joined Oger SARdogs, I was active in the KNPV (Dutch Policedog training).
After I quit the policedog training I did not work with my dogs for a short period but after I while I wanted to work with the dog and contribute to society, and I ended up at Oger SARdogs.
Training at Oger SARdogs is a very nice combination of being able to contribute to society in the first place and at the same time being able to work with the dogs. There’s hardly a better combination.
Kyna is a very driven and enthusiastic dog. She really wants to work and to me it’s great to see with how much drive and enthusiasm she does that.
With a lot of energy and power, she wants to do as much as possible to please me.