My name is Lars Kruithof and I own a Malinois bitch Kyna, born in 2015.
Before I joined Oger SARdogs, I was active in the KNPV (Dutch Policedog training).
After I quit the policedog training I did not work with my dogs for a short period but after I while I wanted to work with the dog and contribute to society, and I ended up at Oger SARdogs.
Training at Oger SARdogs is a very nice combination of being able to contribute to society in the first place and at the same time being able to work with the dogs. There’s hardly a better combination.
Kyna is a very driven and enthusiastic dog. She really wants to work and to me it’s great to see with how much drive and enthusiasm she does that.
With a lot of energy and power, she wants to do as much as possible to please me.


Met trots presenteren we de nieuwe naam

Oger SARdogs

Bij de contacten met het buitenland hebben we gemerkt dat de naam Oger Zoekhonden te weinig zegt. Search And Rescue (SAR) is een algemeen begrip, zowel nationaal als internationaal.