Since my younger years I have owned one or more dogs. In 2003 I got my first worker, a German shepherd, with whom I started training mainly G&G (Obedience).
In the years that followed I had Old German Shepherds and Chodsky Pes’s with which I engaged in obedience and Frisbee sport. In 2016 I completed the training for cynological instructor and in 2017 I obtained my Tracking & Trailing level 2 certificate. I attend various courses to keep my knowledge up to date. At the moment I have two Chodsky Pes’s with which I train in different disciplines.

In the summer of 2016 I became a prospective member of Oger SARdogs. A team of great people who are really motivated all the time and are fully committed to train dog and handler to a deployable combination in the search and finding of missing persons and thus having an great social importance.

At Oger SARdogs I no longer train with a dog but now I mainly work as a volunteer, for example as a victim during training.