My name is Joyce and I am together with Lars. We both are dog handlers at Oger SARdogs with our two Malinois.

I work in the healthcare sector and there I see circumstances that allow me to put myself in the position of the missing people. This along with the drive to give my dog the opportunity to ​​work has led up to our membership of Oger SARdogs.

Before I started at Oger SARdogs, I trained at the KNPV (Dutch Association for police dog training) for a while. This turned out to be a branch of dog sport that was inappropriate for both me and my dog ​​and that is why I quit there.

Yet my dog ​​is not a quiet dog. She really wants to work without coercion. Her extremely social character and soft nature ensure that she is easily approachable. Her drive to work is great so she really enjoys practicing the way we do at Oger SARdogs.

Together we have found pleasure in training again and we are a good team. Oger SARdogs offers us the opportunity to contribute something extra to society.